Grey hair is back for another season! Here’s the expert guide to everything you’ll need to know

Grey is here to stay.

Grey hair is back for another season! Here's the expert guide to everything you'll need to know

Think grey hair is over? Think again. The hair trend is stronger than ever, with over 10,000 people in the UK alone searching for ‘grey hair dye’ each month.

“This season we will definitely see a continuation of woman embracing their grey hair,” says James Pryce, expert master stylist at Larry King Salon. Not only will we be embracing our greys, but according to James, we’ll also be faking the grey too with a little help from glosses, tints and dyes.

If that wasn’t proof enough, just look at British model Iskra Lawrence, stepping into 2019 with her new ‘do. So sleek, so shiny, so silver – and we know how she did it.

Read on to discover the very best grey hair tips, and find out the exact at-home hair dye that was used for Iskra’s ultra-cool shade.


Whether you’re looking to take your platinum to the next level or embrace your natural God-given greys, there’s a few things to know before taking the silver hair plunge. Here’s what the experts have to say…

How to get grey hair:

Warning to all brunettes: this won’t be easy for you…

“In order to go grey you have to pre-lighten the hair to a clean white blonde and then tone with a personalised grey mix tone”, says Headmasters’, Siobhan Jones, who was responsible for turning Little Mix’s Jade Thirlwall hair silver.

“Jade best suits having more of a natural root as she has brown eyes and a warmer skin complexion so I ensured the best suitability by placing the grey tones throughout the mid-lengths and ends of the hair.”


However, if you’re looking to take your grey all the way to your scalp, be prepared for a slight burning sensation from the bleach. When our Fashion Editor, Charlie, went white blonde, she warned that it can get a little uncomfortable as the wait time goes on.

“Anyone wishing to go this colour must also be aware that lightening your hair to this tone can weaken it”, says Siobhan. Lucky the colour looks excellent with buzzcuts and pixies…


But if you’d like to keep your length, Siobhan says to ensure only the best products are being used. “Ask your in-salon colourist to check the sensitivity of your hair before you go ahead. I used L’Oréal Professionnel Platinum, plus pre-lightener, which is great as it contains beeswax, which conditions the hair whilst lifting.”

It’s also a good idea to treat your hair to masks at home post-colouring, as well as regular in-salon treatments.


Siobhan’s favourite is Paul Mitchell Keratriplex Awapuhi wild ginger treatment, which she says works on strengthening and hydrating.


How to go grey without the commitment

If you like the idea of this experimental colour, but don’t want to commit (or fork out for a salon trip), there are several at-home products which allow you to dabble in silver strands.


Hair Dyes:
Prep your locks with Fudge’s White Shade of Pale toner, £10.36. For a subtle blonde/silver hue, give the Colour Freedom Silver Blonde, £6.99 a go. For a more full on grey shade, the Crazy Colour silver hair dye, £5.39, is ideal. L’Oréal Paris Colourista also offers a great selection for silver experimentation, from a One Day Spray, £5.99 and wash-in-wash-out Hair Makeup, £6.99, to permanent at home dye kits. Want to rock Iskra Lawerence’s new chrome colour? Our sources tell us L’Oréal Paris Permanent Paint in Silver Grey, £7.99 is the actual shade she used.

Silver shampoos & maitenance:
Bleach London’s Silver shampoo, £6.50 eliminates brassy tones and helps to maintain a silver hue. Davines’ Alchemic Shampoo in Silver Fox, £15.80Conditioner, £20.40 in Silver Grey are also lovely products for maintaining silver/grey locks. Finish with OSMO’s Violet Tone and Protect Styler, £8.80 to protect your colour.

If all else fails, try a wig

We often forget that wigs are an option, but at least 50 per cent of the time you see Kylie Jenner with a glamorous new hair colour, it’s actually faux. Keep costs down by going with one that’s synthetic. Read our wig guide for a step-by-step on how to properly put one on.

Sound like hard work? Don’t worry, it’ll all be worth it for those silver hair selfies:


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