This Is What We Think (Hope!) The Spice Girls Will Wear On Their 2019 Tour

How to dress like the Spice Girls now: We’ve translated the iconic pop group’s 90s wardrobe for 2019

How to dress like the Spice Girls now: We've translated the iconic pop group's 90s wardrobe for 2019

If you need a tour stylist, girls…?

It’s been almost nineteen (!) years since the Spice Girls embarked upon their unofficial, and indefinite, hiatus (it still hurts to think about it), but it’s almost time to re-Spice Up Your Lives as 4/5 of the dream team are reuniting in LESS THAT A MONTH’S TIME for a big fat 20-date party tour.

While they may have briefly rekindled in 2008 for a couple of months and again in 2012 for the Olympics closing ceremony, this year’s tour has created a global buzz big enough to suggest that we’ve been waiting centuries. Well we *are* in a whole new millennium since their peak…

So, with just a few short weeks to go, to settle our excitement and pass the time we’ve been daydreaming about the tour wardrobe (let’s face it, the clobber is almost as eagerly-anticipated as the performance).

Is Mel C still the queen of athleisure?

Has Emma given up the platforms?

Will Geri still opt for a patriotic Union Jack amidst the Brexit agg?

Scroll down and reminisce over some of the Spice Girls’ most iconic looks as we imagine them for the 2019 wardrobe.

(And yes, we’ve included Posh. Because we’re still in denial…)



Dress, £1,300, Victoria Beckham
Bag, £450, Victoria Beckham
Heels, £625, Victoria Beckham
Sunglasses, £325, Victoria Beckham


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